Video marketing is an important piece of any marketing strategy. Producing videos that are delivered to customers and leads can be an easy way to capture peo­ple’s attention. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text according to lnsivia. Video marketing is the most effective and best way to deliver your message in a shorter period of time than any other media. Not only does it deliver a message effectively, but video also drives 300% more traffic to your webpages and helps to nurture leads better according to MarketingSherpa.

Our marketing agency offers video production in Eugene, Oregon to companies of all sizes. From corporate video production to commercial video production and everything in between, Bema Creative has your covered. We are your go-to video production company for anywhere in the continental 48 states. Bema Creative can produce and deliver your company all their video marketing needs from start to finish. Common ways companies use video are to book appointments, deliver testimonial videos, and to show company culture when trying to hire new employees. Scroll down to check out some of our more recent projects and the video production services we offer.


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Bema Creative is a full-service video production agency. We help companies to develop great video content and we handle it all for you. Content production in this day and age is not a decision that you can choose to do. If you are a company that wants to grow and increase its bottom line then video content is a must-have. The hard part for many businesses is that they don’t know how to do video production. That is where we can partner with your company to deliver product videos, tell your story, and help deliver your message.
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Anyone can pull out their camera and try to capture video content, but post-production video is where the content shines. We offer all video editing services and post-production services. Professional video editing services offer your company a polished, professional look to your videos that are consistent with your brand and messaging. A lot goes into video content and sometimes it’s best to leave this process to the professionals. At Bema Creative we work with you to get you a finished product that you can be proud of.
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Video animations create a more engaging and professional look to your videos. Lower thirds (name tags), graphics, and logo animation services all play an important role in representing your companies branding in a professional and top-level manner. All of these graphics and animations are play important roles in helping the viewer to receive your message in a clear way and to remember exactly what you are delivering to them.
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One of the most important aspects of your video content is audio engineering for video. Audio engineering for your video content includes everything from music to voiceovers. We take care of the music licensing and the audio that is included in your video. We make sure that your video’s audio is clear and professional. This starts with capturing quality audio during the video shoot and then mastering the mix down to create a polished sound to accompany your video.
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Video production first starts with your strategy. Your video marketing strategy will take into account the goals you have for your video content and your company branding as a whole. We also offer storyboarding services for companies who require a more in-depth strategy for their video project. Whether you are creating how-to videos for your products or television commercials for your company, we have you covered from strategy to finished product.
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Actors for commercials and video content can be tough to find. We have experience in finding the right talent for your videos. We make it easy for you. You tell us your goals and we will handle it all for you. With experience in the modeling and acting industries, we have the knowledge on how to vet the perfect talent for your next video project.


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Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results (Forrester Research). Video content is king in the world of search engine optimization. If you want to boost your website traffic, one of the best ways to do that is to create relevant video content that is valuable to your business. Video not only can help you drive traffic to your site, but it is also one of the easiest ways to tell your story that people will remember, which means more brand awareness for your business. 

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One of the most important things that a brand can do is to build trust and credibility with its audience. When you have gained someone’s trust their are more likely to buy from your business, support you through referrals, and eventually promote your company. Media production through video content can help you build that trust with your audience that will ultimately lead to them advocating for your brand. Once you have people advocating for your brand then your credibility can rise.
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Boosts conversions

Video content can help you boost conversions and sales for your business. Video content not only helps boost traffic to your web pages by 300%, but it also helps you to boost sales. In a study by online fashion retailers, product pages that had videos saw a 134% boost in conversions. A big reason for this is that a video can communicate exactly what a product is and exactly what benefits a buyer will receive in a quick and effective way.
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Brand REcognition

For companies to ultimately grow, people need to know who your company is and how they can help them. That is where brand recognition comes into play. The best marketing agencies can help brands to develop brand recognition through great branding and marketing strategies which include branded videos. Video is one of the best ways to spread gain brand awareness because you can communicate your story faster than any other media, and people retain more information through video than written content.
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Video content offers the opportunity to communicate clearly with your audience. From product training videos to simply telling your brands story, video content is the fastest way to communicate to your customers clearly. According to Insivia, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. This is why video is such an effective marketing tool for companies. 

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Video content seems to do much better than simple text or graphics on social media platforms. Social media videos on average get more exposure than any other posts. That is why they also come with an increase in social sharing amongst other posts too. Not only that but digital advertising videos on platforms such as Facebook Ads on average get a better return on investment.


We would love to help you with your business website. From sporting goods websites to some of the best lawyer web designs on the planet. We will hit your website project out of the park 



Jackson Jones Law approached us for our web design services. We were happy to partner with them in revamping their law firms website which included SEO, Photography, and Content Strategy.


Sporting Goods Website Design

Every web design projects is unique. We were able to create a website for the Tannerite Outlet Store that captured exactly who they are. Including an awesome grenade launcher! 


Sporting Goods Website Design

Every web design projects is unique. We were able to create a website for the Tannerite Outlet Store that captured exactly who they are. Including an awesome grenade launcher! 


Rudolf was absolutely awesome. He helped our Watershed Council construct our storyboard. He did filming, sound recording and the editing. We are all really happy with the final product. I would recommend him to anyone and intend to use him in the future!

Brian Jenkins – Watershed Council


Lots of talent. Quick, concise, and creative. My website turned out better than I could have imagined!

Harlan Wolff – Wolff Score


I’m happy to refer their services to anyone! In fact, my husband will be working with them to develop his professional website.

Soorin Backer – SBM