Top 6 Tips for Hiring a Website Designer

Hiring the Right Fit for Your Business

Top 6 Tips for Hiring a Website Designer

Are you looking to hire a website designer but don’t know where to start? As a business owner, you know the importance of having an online presence, and getting your website designed correctly the first time can help maximize leads and conversions from customers who visit. However, choosing the right web designer for your business isn’t always easy – it takes research and due diligence. In this blog post, we’ll cover six essential tips for hiring a website designer that will provide valuable insight into how to make sure you’re working with someone who meets both your creative needs and budget.

1. What platform does a web designer develop on?

When you’re looking to create a website, WordPress is usually the go-to platform for even the most experienced web designers. You’ll be in good hands if you choose WordPress as your web-building foundation – it boasts an excellent combination of helpful tools and features to help any developer implement the perfect design, along with a wealth of user-friendly choices that make customizing your websites a breeze. WordPress web design is one of the most popular and user friendly ways to develop a website. 

Plus, WordPress serves as an industry standard when it comes to hiring professional web designers, so finding a WordPress expert won’t be too difficult either. According to Colorlib, 810 million websites use WordPress, which is 43% of all the websites on the internet.

2. Using a Freelance Web Designer vs Using a Website Design Agency

When it comes to website development projects, many people are torn between whether they should opt for a web design agency, who can offer experience and an established team, or a freelance website designer, offering more direct communication. However, while they both have their own benefits, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that suits every website development project – the right choice will depend on the type of website you need. If you’re looking for something highly customized and intricate then it may be best to opt for a web design agency; however if you require something simpler or perhaps something created artfully and quickly within a budget then using a freelance website designer is often the best choice.

3. Who is your website designer hosting your website with?

Finding the right website designer to develop professional, fast websites is an essential part of a company’s success. An experienced website designer will not only design beautiful and functional websites, but anticipate potential website hosting issues and know how to solve them quickly with minimal downtime. When evaluating website designers, look for one that understands your specific website development needs and offers reliable website hosting options to ensure your website is secure and easily accessible by your visitors.  

Investing in the correct web designer and website hosting service can make all the difference in creating a website that will make an impact. In our experience there are so many hosts out there and some are great and some fall short. Over the years I have used many website hosting companies. I typically will recommend a company like Blue Host or Siteground, and let them know which ones to avoid such as GoDaddy whose servers tend to lack the typical website speed standards. 

4. What are other website services that they offer?

There are a multitude of services and products that can help take your website to the next level. Make sure that your web designer offers these services in addition to simply developing your website. SEO, or search engine optimization, is key in helping potential customers find your website online. SEO includes optimizing user experiences, improving site performance and rankings in search engine results pages, as well as streamlining content publishing and delivery. 

Beyond SEO, website maintenance services are important in ensuring uptime, security and compatibility across browsers, devices and operating systems. Designers also offer website mockups to give their clients an idea of how they envision their site once the design is complete. So if you’re looking for an experienced designer to create a unique online presence for your organization, these are just some of the highly sought-after services that might be helpful in achieving all your goals.

5. Do they focus on Speed Optimization for website design?

Having a website that is properly optimized for speed can be the difference between thriving in the digital space and getting left behind. When making the decision to hire a web designer, it’s important to ensure they focus on speed optimization. Google reports that 53% of visits will be abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, so finding someone who knows how to craft robust and fast-loading professional websites is essential. 

Ensure your web designer takes into consideration page loading times as well as other various factors affecting performance like design, code, images and more when creating your website.  It might cost extra upfront, but the potential return on such an investment is worth considering.

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6. Does the website designer communicate well with clients?

When it comes to good web design, it is essential that your website designer is able to communicate well with clients. As website designers in Eugene, one of the most common complaints that we get from people moving over to us from a previous website designer is that they can never get a hold of their website designer. When considering hiring a website designer, look for good communication skills that include responding promptly and giving clear explanations of the project deliverables. 

Additionally, always make sure that the website design process includes a comprehensive feedback loop between the client and Designer; good communication throughout this collaboration is key to ensuring the overall satisfaction of both parties. With good communication practices, you can ensure that your website designer is delivering quality work and meeting all expectations.

Finding a great website designer doesn’t have to be complicated with the right research and resources.  Knowing who you should be picking, when and why is all part of the process. Ask yourself, does the website designer communicate well with clients? What other website services do they offer? Is speed optimization an important factor for your design needs? Who is hosting your website and can you access that information if needed? The last piece of advice would be asking yourself, is it smarter to use a freelance web design or a design agency like Bema Creative. Doing your own due diligence will help ensure you find the perfect web designer who can meet all of your specifications. If you are in need of a great website designer, we at Bema Creative can help!