At Bema Creative we offer some of the best graphic design in Eugene, Oregon. This isn’t because we are the best artists, but because we know the science behind the design. Unfortunately, a lot of marketing agencies say they are experts in their field when in reality they base their design decisions on their own personal opinion. This creates an ineffective design that could be costing your business. At Bema Creative we are a strategy first graphic design agency which means that we understand the psychology behind the design. Everything we design has a strategy, whether it is the colors or shapes that we use to design your project, they are all used to make a design that will communicate exactly. We offer all kinds of graphic design services to meet your companies needs. Contact us today to start your project!


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Graphic design goes hand in hand with logos and branding. We specialize in logo design and branding. Services that include logo design, branding guidelines, branded collateral, and much more. We have the expert skills to help you create a brand that will effectively reach your target market and ultimately bring you business. Great graphic design for your company will utilize all the branding that we will create for you.
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Along with specializing in branding we help you to create all the branded collateral, both digital and printed collateral. Branding collateral includes everything that you produce that can be branded. Business card design, trifold design, email signatures, and the list goes on. We take you through the process of developing everything that you will need from start to finish. Whether you already have brand collateral or starting from the ground up, we can help you with all your graphic design needs.
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We can help facilitate all your digital and print ad needs. This includes graphics for digital ads such as Google Ads and print ads such as magazine ads and billboards. Our marketing graphic design can help you to clearly communicate with your audience through visual storytelling. Advertisements are something that companies need to communicate fast and clearly to viewers and not all graphic design is created equally.
Our graphic design services also extend to the market of packaging and displays. Product packaging helps your products to stand out from other competitors. Typically packaging needs to both be visually appealing to the audience and practically explain what they are buying. This can include things like benefits they will receive or usage of products. Along with packaging, we design displays for both trade shows and stores.
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As a creative agency, we offer illustrations as a service. Whether you are in need of illustrations for a book or to incorporate them into your marketing campaigns, we have got you covered. Illustrations can be a creative way to capture people’s attention. This can be done both in corporate branding and in more creative businesses. Illustrations are a unique way to communicate to your audience and keep people’s attention more than standard graphic design.
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We offer services in the area of publishing. This includes book cover design and graphic design for books such as illustrations and custom layouts. We have experience with helping major publishers to create captivating covers for authors. When a book has a well-designed book cover the success of sales can greatly increase. Though we are told not to judge a book by it’s cover, most people do and that is why the book cover design is such an important part of publishing.


Web design is one of our specialties here at Bema Creative. We have a strategic approach to all of our website design. We take your companies branding, your target market, and user experience, combine them together to get the perfectly crafted company website for you. Your website is your virtual storefront and needs to represent your company just as much if not more than any other aspect of your marketing. Our graphic designers are well versed in design, web design, and user experience so your finished product will be the best website for you and your goals.


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In a report done by Crowdspring, they discovered that The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it processes text. This is the reason why many brands add a visual or a glyph to their logo. This shows how important great graphic design around your brand is. Every element can boost your brand’s recognition and awareness. It is important for this reason to keep your visuals consistent throughout everything your company develops.
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Effective graphic design can save your business time and money. For example the logo redesign debacle from Gap in 2010 that cost Gap millions of dollars. This story shows that doing it right the first time is the best option when it comes to graphic design. Effective graphic design includes things like color consistency and elements and designs that help communicate your branding. If you aren’t consistent or your branding doesn’t communicate what you need it to, you will spend more time having to redevelop your brand and you risk losing out on sales due to your poor branding and graphic design.

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Every aspect of graphic design for companies has the opportunity to reinforce how professional a company is. You are less likely to give your business to a CPA who writes his contact information on a piece of paper than one who delivers you a professionally designed business card or trifold design. If your graphic design isn’t professional then people will read into that. If you’re not investing time and money into your brand and don’t operate in a professional manner, what can your customers expect from the products and services that you offer?
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Great graphic design will promote the value of consistency for your company. The power of consistency communicates a few things to your audience. It helps to create brand awareness because your brand becomes easier for them to identify. Consistency also shows that your company is willing to take the time to do a job right and that communicates your companies character in the services or products that people will be buying from you.
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Graphic design done right will help you set yourself apart as an industry leader. If you don’t take steps to market your business well whether, in-house or from an agency, how are people supposed to see you as an industry leader? Graphic design for small businesses plays such an important role in so many aspects of your company that you take a huge risk when you don’t take the time to get it done well. A company can survive without it, but the chances of it growing and eventually prospering without it are extremely low due to the lack of brand recognition.
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A 2017 LucidPress report noted that consistent design across all the places your brand appears in can increase your revenue and recognition. A lot of this is based on brand awareness. Why do you think fast food chains typically are more successful than the mom and pops restaurants? Is it because their food is that much better? Absolutely not! They brand everything! From the bags that hold your food to the vehicle wrap designs, they understand that brand awareness and consistency and some of the biggest keys to a companies success.


We would love to help you with your business website. From sporting goods websites to some of the best lawyer web designs on the planet. We will hit your website project out of the park 

Website Jackson Jones Law


Lawyer Website Design

Jackson Jones Law approached us for our web design services. We were happy to partner with them in revamping their law firms website which included SEO, Photography, and Content Strategy.

Website JK Electrical


Contractor Website Design

Bema Creative teamed up with J&K for a few marketing projects including video, photo, and website design. We were able to assess their goals and come up with a strategy to meet those goals.

Website Tannerite


Sporting Goods Website Design

Every web design projects is unique. We were able to create a website for the Tannerite Outlet Store that captured exactly who they are. Including an awesome grenade launcher! 


Working with Bema Creative on the Tannerite Sports Outlet website has been a great experience. There prompt and effective communication made the whole process effortless.

James Wright – Tannerite


Lots of talent. Quick, concise, and creative. My website turned out better than I could have imagined!

Harlan Wolff – Wolff Score


I’m happy to refer their services to anyone! In fact, my husband will be working with them to develop his professional website.

Soorin Backer – SBM