It’s time to find another host


Some of you may ask, well if GoDaddy hosting is so bad, why do so many people use them? I would ask you what other web hosting company can you name off the top of your head? If your world doesn’t revolve around websites then GoDaddy is probably the only company you can name, but what does that mean? 

It means that they have spent millions of dollars marketing. They started with Super Bowl commercial campaigns in 2005 that cost upwards of $2.4 million for a 30-second spot. Since then they have continued to market their services to the masses. No other hosting company to date has spent the amount of money that GoDaddy has and that is the reason people use them. Not because they offer a stellar service or have great customer support, but simply because people recognize their name.

If your marketing agency is hosting your website through GoDaddy, RUN!!! Chances are that they have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to website hosting. Typically if your agency is using GoDaddy hosting they either don’t have any prior knowledge on website hosting or they are inexperienced with the value that a good host has on website design. This should be a huge red flag and could be an indicator of the quality of work that they will produce. Unfortunately, this isn’t common knowledge, which is why we’re here to provide some insight so you can feel confident in the services you’re using.

Unfortunately, I know all too well the downfalls of using GoDaddy as a web host. I worked at an agency briefly who used GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting plan for almost 15 companies. Some of these companies were multi-million dollar companies who were receiving a sub-par hosting experience. 

I tried and tried to get the company to transfer it’s hosting to any of the other hosting companies that are much more reliable, but the owner didn’t care enough about his clients to give them the best service possible. All I can say is that I am so glad those days are behind me. I now own my own marketing agency where I can make decisions to get my clients the best services possible. 


The cost for just the monthly hosting isn’t expensive until you consider the value that the hosting actually offers. The normal cost for hosting $14.99 for the Managed WordPress deluxe plan, but all it offers is a remedial web hosting service, inefficient support, and a daily backup that you can’t download locally (This is important in case you need to restore your website for a number of reasons.) On top of this minimal service you have to pay additional for the following services (not an exhaustive list) that normally come with other web hosting services for free:


-Email-$4.99 per users/month

-Hosting Restore-$149.99 (Due to the fact that you can’t locally download a backup hosting will need to be restored at a fee if issues arise.)

-Website Migration-$99.99 (most companies will transfer one site free and a minimal fee after that)

I have used quite a few web hosting companies over the years and for the purpose of this article, I will use a comparably priced web hosting plan by SiteGround. SiteGround is a great host for low to middle-end websites and offers a comparable plan to GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress plan, but packs a lot more value at a slightly better price. For the sake of comparison, the GoDaddy Pricing will include all additional services that SiteGround offers for free.

The following plans are based on one website transfer, 5 email accounts, one SSL, and website security:

Godaddy Hosting siteground price comparision 1
Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Pricing (Deluxe Package)

Website Hosting Cost (Monthly Rate After Promotional Pricing)-$14.95

Email Hosting (Monthly Rate After Promotional Pricing)-$24.95

Website Security (Monthly Rate After Promotional Pricing)-$19.99

SSL Cost (Annual Pricing)-$79.99

Website Migration (One-Time Fee)-$99.99

Total Cost: Monthly-$74.88 Annual-$898.66


Website Hosting Cost (Monthly After Promotional Pricing)-$11.95

Email Cost (Monthly After Promotional Pricing)-$0

Website Security-$0

SSL Cost (Annual Pricing)-$0

Website Migration (One-Time Fee)-$30

All the plans through SiteGround above the StartUp package offer one free website migration.

Total Cost: Monthly-$14.45 Annual-$173.40

From this comparison you can see that to get the same value as the SiteGround plan you will be paying a lot more! One thing that I would like to mention is that $75 a month is not a bad price for hosting if you’re using an upgraded hosting such as a dedicated server, but the rates that GoDaddy charges is for a pretty basic hosting plan.   


I recently went to GoDaddy’s website and saw a section on their Managed WordPress Hosting page that shows how GoDaddy has the “Industry-Leading Load Times”. In my personal experience, this is far from the truth! Part of this is due to the fact that GoDaddy’s servers limit the user’s ability to cache or optimize for speed. When testing websites that were hosted on GoDaddy servers it was a struggle to get any of the websites below 6.0 seconds for a full upload time for the desktop version. 

In comparison for a similar page with SiteGround, I was able to get the page to load within 2.4 seconds for a full upload time for the desktop version. If you’re looking for a fast website, I would steer clear of using GoDaddy. *Speed testing was performed via GTmetrix. At Bema Creative we set that kind of page upload speed as a standard for our website design and hit those marks on a regular basis. 


Need support? Anyone who has ever received support from GoDaddy knows that this means you should set aside a significant amount of time to resolve an issue. Spending 1-2 hours from opening chat support to having your problem solved is unheard of. It became an ongoing joke when working for at a previous employer. My co-workers would laugh when they heard that I had to get on support with GoDaddy. They knew that this meant I would be on chat or on the phone for a while. It got to the point where they could hum the GoDaddy support music!

When an agency or web developer has to spend any time on support it costs both the company and the client money. Most of the time the support that you need from a web host should be minimal, but due to the instability of the servers and the high downtime, the amount of support needed on GoDaddy is excessive!

My experience with SiteGround and other hosting companies like them for support has been great! Most companies it not unheard of to get to support right away and most of their support agencies are so well trained that they can easily answer your questions within minutes. So if you have only experienced support through GoDaddy, rest assured! That is not the industry standard. 


If you are looking for value-packed hosting for your website there are plenty of web hosting companies out there. Most have great support, with fast speed, and great security for a fraction of the price of GoDaddy’s services. Not to mention that you will be saving time and money if you ever have to contact support. Here are the recommendations for hosting from*:





If you have any questions or need any recommendations for your hosting, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation