Bema Creative is a strategy-first marketing company that offers all the services of a digital advertising agency. We offer video ads, paid social, pay per click (PPC) advertising and digital marketing in Eugene, Oregon. Digital advertising and marketing are an essential marketing tactic that should be every company’s marketing strategy. Digital ads are a great way to drive traffic quickly to your website for sales and leads. This is almost always partnered with organic SEO services to help grow your organic traffic in the future.

There are many platforms to run digital ads on and it all really depends on the business that you run. Each platform has a slightly different audience, so making sure that you run ads on the platform that aligns best with your target market is key to a successful digital advertising campaign. The following are some of the platforms that we help companies like yours to run digital advertising campaigns.


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Google ads have been the front runner of digital advertising for many years. This is probably due to that fact that the Google Display Network reaches 90% of online consumers. At Bema Creative we are Certified Google Ads Specialists who offer Google Ads services. We offer setup and google ads management services. Since Google Ads is a Pay Per Click (PPC) ads platform it is best to get it done right. When PPC advertising is optimized and done correctly it can save you money per click and it is easier to beat out the competition. When you hire an agency to set up and manage your Google Ads you can actually save money!



At Bema Creative we offer Facebook ads services and management. Facebook is a great platform for spreading your brand and product awareness. Through their display advertising you can target a very unique audience for your digital ads. Facebook has some of the most traffic for a website online and marketing on Facebook can accelerate your business marketing efforts. Facebook advertising offers a variety of ways to boost posts, post ads, and promote your business.
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Marketing on social media, otherwise known as paid social, is an effective way to reach your audience on a consumer level. Creating an Instagram advertising campaign can be great for creating brand awareness and selling a unique product. Instagram ads can either be video or imagery to communicate to targeted consumers. Digital ads as a whole can help you see an increase in sales and grow your business.
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Video advertising is a cost effective way to deliver commercials to your audience. Gone are the days where you have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to put your businesses commercial on cable tv. More people are consuming content online than ever before and YouTube is the most popular among video websites. YouTube ads are a great way to tell your company’s story at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial platforms.
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LinkedIN ADS

Linkedin ads are a great option for professional companies trying to attract other professionals for employment or targeting services that add value to what they do. The Linkedin platform is mainly solely for marketing to other professionals, so it is very niche, but if done right a Linkedin ad campaign can be very effective for growing your staff and getting leads for your professional services such as marketing and financial services.
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Retarget marketing is a great way to advertise to people who are already looking at products or services that you offer. Google Ads and Facebook Ads both offer retargeting of ads. Retarget ads track consumers actions via cookies and then show ads to those individuals who are either searching or visiting websites that sell similar products and services. This strategy is very effective because you are catching consumers at the end of the buying cycle when they are ready to buy.


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With digital advertising as a part of your marketing plan you will see a fast increase of traffic to your website. Digital marketing tactics as a whole will help to drive the right traffic to your website from many different vehicles. We always recommend to clients that we run digital advertising campaigns such as Facebook or Google Ads as we start to grow their organic SEO. This helps drive paid traffic to their site until the organic traffic starts to pour in.

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Brand awareness is a major benefit of digital marketing. No matter what platform you use for your digital ads your brand will gain recognition from your audience. We recommend choosing a platform that is best for your target market. The great thing about digital advertising is that you can track your campaign reach so that you can put a number to your efforts.
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Digital advertising is a cost effective way to market your company. You can regulate your campaigns cost per click and track your return on investment with extreme detail which makes it very appealing to most companies. According to Google, Google Ads deliver an 8:1 return on investment or $8 for every $1 spent. That is much more cost effective than traditional marketing. That is probably why there are so many companies moving away from traditional marketing and towards digital advertising.

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Digital advertising is unique from many other digital marketing tactics, because you see results from the moment that you launch your campaign. Instant results and tracking that helps you calculate your digital ads return on investment make digital advertising a win-win for any company. Statistics that will help you to track those instant results include reach, target demographics, goals such as phone calls and web form submissions, and much more depending on the digital ads platform you are using.
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Digital ads make it easy to engage with customers in every step of the buying process. Engaging with customers is important to the success of any business. 90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions according to a Clutch marketing study. If you can get in front of the right customers at the right time, selling them on your products or services becomes a lot easier.

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Online advertising analytics help to make your digital ad campaigns easily measurable. Most platforms will give you insights into your campaigns audience such as their age, demographics, gender, and more. They will also measure the cost per digital advertisement, your click thru rates, and many other analytics that help you to see how effective your digital ads are. Digital advertising has some of the most in depth insights and extensive analytics of any marketing tactic.


We would love to help you with your business website. From sporting goods websites to some of the best lawyer websites on the planet. We will hit your website project out of the park.
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