Relationship Retrospective

relationship retrospective

Bema Creative just turned one! While we aren’t having a smash cake photo shoot, we have been thinking back on this year.

The Cost of Marketing Strategies

marketing strategies

When creating a business, too many people overlook the importance of marketing strategies. A marketing plan is just as lucrative as a business plan, so why do entrepreneurs so often create one, but not the other?

What is Branding?

what is branding

If your brand is the strategy and math to route your course, then your visual identity is the spaceship, and the right people are your destination.

Dealing with Tough Clients

tough clients

Do you have tough clients? In this article we discuss the process of how to avoid those clients that make your life a living hell.

When Everything Goes Sideways


It’s incredibly easy to look good when you’re on top, but I believe your defining moments are the recovery from turmoil.

Know Your Client

know your client

So, we’ve established the basis of Relationship Marketing and the value of empathy when working with people.

Intro to Caring for Clients

In a world where everyone has their defenses up and is keen on sniffing out shenanigans, be genuine. Care more. Don’t chase the “yes”.

What Do People Want?

what do people want

Everyone is being chased with advertisements constantly. They don’t want to talk to anyone in person because they anticipate the “Car Salesman” approach.