Bema Creative is a branding agency in Eugene, Oregon. We offer branding services locally, nationally, and internationally. Our branding agency is here to partner with you with all your brands needs. From your brand identity to your finished digital and printed media, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of branding for your company and we will help walk you through every step of the process. 

At Bema Creative we believe that your company needs consistent branding through all your marketing efforts and we will get it done right. When you partner with a branding company like ours you will receive a clear and professional brand strategy that can be executed. We offer many branding services and we are your one-stop shop to meet all of your company’s branding needs.


YELLOW brand identity


Brand identity is the starting point for every brand strategy that we create. Your brand identity needs will deliver clearly who you are as a company, what you do, and what your values are. Your brand image needs to be well thought out before creating any brand identity guidelines. Once you have a clear identity and direction then you can move on to creating your brand guidelines.
YELLOW brand guidelines


Brand guidelines are what give you a clear direction for your brand. It creates brand standards for anything that represents your company. From logo applications to colors to fonts. Whether you are looking for exhaustive corporate identity brand guidelines or a simpler branding package, we will help you to create your brands guidelines to fit your company. We have been branding Eugene for many years, and we want to help you brand your company no matter where you are located.
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Your company’s logo design is foundational to your branding efforts. Your logo design strategy should be based on what you want to communicate to your customers. At Bema Creative Agency we take into account that fonts, colors, and shapes all communicate to your audience. Making sure that you are communicating the right message to your customer is why we are here.
YELLOW brand rebrand


Rebranding a company can be a big task and the transition from the old brand needs to be executed strategically. Making sure you have a consistent brand identity across all marketing efforts is crucial. Many times companies don’t change the messaging or values of their company when rebranding. Typically they are changing logos, brand fonts, and branding collateral. Our rebranding services handle it all for you.
YELLOW brand messaging


Messaging and voice are an important part of any company’s brand. When choosing from branding companies to partner, you need to make sure that they are well versed in a brands message and creating branded content. Not all branding is created equally that is why at Bema Creative we are a strategy-first marketing agency.
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Branding includes anything that represents your business. Brand collateral is any media material that is used to promote your brand. This includes branded print material and digital visual brand assets. Making sure that all of your brand collateral is consistent with your brand is part of our job here at Bema Creative. Every part of your brand that we touch we will make sure that it communicates your brands values.


BLACK cost effective marketing


One of the major benefits of great branding is that it is cost effective. Cost effective marketing not only will save you money, but time also. When a company has a clear brand and guidelines it takes less time to create brand collateral and messaging. This boosts the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and saves you time and money.
BLACK customer recognition


At Bema Creative we are a design agency that will help your company get noticed. With great branded assets it will be easier for current and future customers to remember you. When your brand visuals and messaging is clear and consistent it will set you apart from your competitors.
BLACK competative edge


A clearly branded company also benefits from a competitive edge in your marketing. Not every company knows the value of branding or does a great job of it, so when you focus your efforts on your brand’s identity you will gain an advantage over your competitors. Great branding will keep you in the mind of your audience over a company who neglects their branding.
BLACK increased credibility


A company’s credibility is increased when it is branded well. Brand credibility is extremely important when trying to grow a long term customer base. When a company has great branding not only does it increase credibility, but it also increases the value of your business to consumers.
BLACK customer loyalty


Customer loyalty is a by-product of a well branded company. Consumers also want something to relate to and when messaging and values connect with them their loyalty towards your company increases. According to Fundera, 89% of customers stay loyal to brands who share their values.

BLACK clearly deliver value


Great branding helps companies to clearly deliver values. Branding company values are very important consumers. Values like being trustworthy, authentic, and transparent are extremely attractive to customers. In fact according to a survey by Accenture, 66 percent of consumers think transparency is one of the most attractive qualities in a brand. When these values are clearly branded it will attract more customers and create customer loyalty.


We would love to help you with your business website. From sporting goods websites to some of the best lawyer web designs on the planet. We will hit your website project out of the park 

Website Jackson Jones Law


Lawyer Website Design

Jackson Jones Law approached us for our web design services. We were happy to partner with them in revamping their law firms website which included SEO, Photography, and Content Strategy.

Website JK Electrical


Contractor Website Design

Bema Creative teamed up with J&K for a few marketing projects including video, photo, and website design. We were able to assess their goals and come up with a strategy to meet those goals.

Website Tannerite


Sporting Goods Website Design

Every web design projects is unique. We were able to create a website for the Tannerite Outlet Store that captured exactly who they are. Including an awesome grenade launcher! 


Working with Bema Creative on the Tannerite Sports Outlet website has been a great experience. There prompt and effective communication made the whole process effortless.

James Wright – Tannerite


Lots of talent. Quick, concise, and creative. My website turned out better than I could have imagined!

Harlan Wolff – Wolff Score


I’m happy to refer their services to anyone! In fact, my husband will be working with them to develop his professional website.

Soorin Backer – SBM